Most women always love to stay updated with new fashion trends. It gives them a chance to upgrade their wardrobe collection. So, it is important for you to know what is the latest trends in women’s footwear. The wrong pair of shoes can ruin a perfect attire, likewise, a perfect shoe can instantly elevate your entire look.

In this blog, you will get to know all the latest fashion trends in ladies’ footwear. Here are 5 trends that you must follow in 2022 to stay on trend this year.                 

5 Trends To Follow In 2022: 

  1. Slides: Slides are comfortable, casual, and stylish. Slides are more than simple flip-flops. The straps cover your foot in such a way, that you can easily slide your foot into them. There are numerous varieties of slides available and each one of them is equally stylish. If you want a little elevation then opt for platform slides. Athletic pool slides are another cute variety for modern women.
  2. Loafers: If you are looking for shoes to go with your formal attires, loafers are one of the best options. Loafers are not a new addition to this list, these are super popular among women for ages. This year you will see some new variations of the good old loafers.
  3. Moccasins: Minnetonka moccasins for women are in trend this season. They have quite a few varieties of moccasins, such as kitty hard soles, Me to We, sheepskin, and pile-lined hard sole moccasins. These types of flat shoes are exceedingly comfortable to wear and easy to style with casual attire.
  4. Sky High Platforms: Sky high platforms are extremely fashionable and classy. They go with party wears very well. Embellished platforms are the new trendy option that you must include in your footwear collection. Rock the sky-high sandals this weekend. It gives poise and charm to your flattering silhouette.
  5. Mules: Embellished PVC mules and crystal leather mules are really in fashion this year. Mules are in fashion for many years. Did you know that even Marilyn Monroe’s favorite shoes were mules? The back of the shoe is uncovered and the front remains covered in soft materials. Mules are a great combination of a modern look with comfort.

Final Words

Your feet deserve comfort with style. So, look for cozy footwear that fits perfectly and you can wear it for the entire day. Minnetonka moccasins for women are amazing shoes with excellent quality material. Once you wear them you will fall in love with the comfort they offer.

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