Amazon Health Lake is a new cloud service that helps organizations manage their health data. Amazon Health Lake is HIPAA-eligible, meaning it can store and process health data for organizations that are in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This blog post will explore how to get started using Amazon Health Lake and what benefits it has to offer. By understanding how Amazon Health Lake works, you can better manage your health data and improve the accuracy of your health informationreporting (HIR) processes.

What is Amazon HealthLake?

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible cloud platform that helps healthcare providers manage patient data securely and compliantly. It offers a variety of features, such as HIPAA compliance, encryption, and auditing capabilities. Healthcare providers can use Amazon HealthLake to store patient data, conduct research, and build applications.

How Amazon HealthLake Works

The Amazon HealthLake HIPAA Eligible Content Network (HIPA-E) is an initiative of the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to provide a secure and compliant content delivery network for healthcare organizations that need to securely share protected health information (PHI).

Through HIPA-E, healthcare organizations can securely share PHI across their AWS accounts and use the HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance features of AWS to manage this data. With HIPA-E, healthcare organizations can reduce their risk of exposing PHI by delivering protected health information only to authorized recipients and controlling access to this information.

To get started with HIPA-E, healthcare organizations first need to create an account on the AWS HIPA-E Portal. After logging in, healthcare organizations will be able to create a content delivery network (CDN) using one or more buckets as storage locations for PHI. The number of buckets that can be used for storage purposes depends on the size of your organization’s PHI archive. Healthcare organizations can also use the portal to sign up for a HIPAA-compliant cloud mailing service so that they can send PHI securely without having to worry about breaches occurring in transit.

Amazon HealthLake HIPAA Eligible

In order to provide secure patient data access to Amazon HealthLake, HIPAA-compliant systems are required. The AWS HIPAA Eligible Certification Program allows healthcare organizations to quickly and easily certify their Amazon HealthLake deployments as compliant with HIPAA regulations. By meeting the requirements of the program, healthcare organizations can ensure that patient data is safe and secure while using Amazon HealthLake.

What are the Benefits of AWS HealthLake?

What are the benefits of using AWS HealthLake? One of the key benefits of using AWS HealthLake is that it enables you to securely store and monitor health data across a variety of cloud-based applications. This can help you improve the accuracy and reliability of your data, as well as ensure that it is accessible when required. Additionally, AWS HealthLake can help you manage and track your compliance obligations with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations.


In this article, we discussed how AWS Amazon Healthlake HIPAA Eligible Conditional Zone Database (HEDB) can be used to store and manage protected health information (PHI). We also looked at some of the benefits of using HEDB, such as the ability to comply with healthcare transparency regulations. Overall, HEDB is a valuable tool for storing PHI and can help organizations protect their data from unauthorized access.

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