Being a content writer, you will mainly aim to generate leads for the inbound funneling. You should be aware of the importance of content for almost every feature you are performing, as it can be blog posts, blog posts, or fueling your email marketing.

If you wish your content to be witnessed and engaged in it, it is essential to be unique, SEO-optimized, and free from errors. The SEO site audit services involve several things to ensure that you have great content.

Fortunately, there are heaps of content editing and writing tools to aid you in enhancing your writing skills assisting in getting a lot done in less time.

The post today will help share the best content editing and writing tools to aid you in becoming a good writer. These are the best tools for all, whether you search your way back, enhance the grammar, find the inspiration, or wish to have some additional words.

Tools to help you with Content Writing

  1. Writing Assistant of SEMrush

Do you wish to write some good content as it is highly SEO-friendly? SEMrush is the best writing assistant tool for you.

The SWA tools can assist the content writers in creating unique, SEO-optimized, and high-quality content that goes well with the Google search results.

You have to connect to the SWA with all types of documents across WordPress or Google Docs draft that offers you every SEO-related optimization idea through analyzing every high-ranked site to operate with the SWA tool.

In this manner, you can ensure that the writing style does not stray far too often from what the readers expect from the high-ranking outcomes. It is almost similar to having an expert editor within the browser.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the perfect tool for editing content to enhance your writing. It is a potential integrated tool that automatically checks the writing for punctuation errors, spelling, and grammar in real-time.

Grammarly is used efficiently across every device, like your mobile or desktop, allowing you the flexibility to work across varied projects. It consists of an extension to Google Chrome that automatically corrects and checks for grammatical mistakes as you write on Facebook, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and every other site.

  1. Rankmath SEO

Whenever you are using WordPress, using this plugin can aid in enhancing the SEO of your site.

Some features are noted easily, including the Integration of Analytics and Google Search console, tracking the keywords, 404 not found page monitoring, internal link suggestions, and


  1. ProWritingAid

This tool is the best if you wish to write error-free writing. It is a writing assistant powered by AI, offering real-time editing solutions to aid you in writing the best content in a reduced time.

Like Grammarly, it also checks the article for spelling, grammar, style, and related writing errors. Furthermore, it offers better insights that include various sentences, readability scores, and whenever you use a passive voice.

It is integrated easily with the help of the desktop app using Scrivener, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Open Office. They consist of browser extensions such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, checking out the writing style for almost every site on the web.

  1. Readable

Whenever you are making the content highly engaging, and if there is an audience outside the US, it is vital to remember that not all are native English speakers.

Whenever someone does not understand what you are trying to mention, they are more likely to leave the site with the worst impression of the brand. It is why it is essential to check out the article’s readability and the problematic scoring. For this reason, you can start using the Readable tool to check the blog post’s readability.

The tool helps to automatically analyze the writing for the readability issues offering further improvement suggestions. It is best in terms of proofreading and inspecting plagiarism for the document.

  1. Frase

Frase is a powerful tool making it easier to create SEO-optimized articles, ranking well in the search engine results without any knowledge of SEO.

The potential scoring for the algorithm for each article you are writing will offer suitable suggestions against the organic competitors allowing you to know whatever is required for enhancing the site for better visibility.

  1. Hemingway App

Hemmingway Editor is the ideal content editing tool for every kind of writer to help users write uniquely, simply, and robustly.

The word processor is easy-to-use making your writing style clear and bold. It does not help you avoid common grammatical mistakes; however, it helps improve your writing style by highlighting the adverbs, passive voice, and other real-time issues.

Closing thoughts

Suppose you are searching for ways to become a writer or an editor with several SEO tools for content writers available to help you out. The tools are used best by the SEO site audit services, and the above tools are the best ones to deliver whatever you need.


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