Landing a successful job with a seamless onboarding process is extremely important for employees and employers. Employees feel disconnected from an organization when they don’t get accurate information and follow-up on their hirings. It increases the attrition of candidates in your organization, taking on other job opportunities. This practice is considered a substandard onboarding experience. 

With more employees leaving your company, it impedes your organization’s productivity and growth. The HR department has to go through the hiring process more often, which doesn’t leave a positive impression on the job market. 

For the benefit of both employees and employers, the advanced onboarding product, SmartOnboard by India’s 1st Talent Market Network, Repute improves the retention rate, enhancing job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. 

Employee Onboarding Process: A Way to the Growth of Organizations 

Employing new candidates in organizations with proper document and background verifications refers to employee onboarding. Every step of employee onboarding must be convenient enough for new hires to retain in an organization. 

From the date of receiving the offer letter to joining, the HR department must ensure that the process is smooth and easy. The onboarding process of hired candidates can potentially transform your organization’s face. Careful planning of the onboarding process leads to higher and quality hiring in organizations. 

How is the Employee Onboarding Process Facilitated? 

The employee onboarding process must be smooth and well-documented to keep track of each activity. Organizations can fasten their onboarding process by integrating a smart and efficient onboarding tool, increasing productivity. Here are the steps of the smart onboarding process:

  • Customized and Digital Offer Letters 

The first onboarding step is sending offer letters to candidates based on their profile and job responsibilities. The time is taken, and the detailings in the offer letter mark an impression on candidates. Being a responsible organization, you must ensure that the offer letter has no errors. Integrating your business system with Repute Talent Market Network empowers you in generating multiple offer letters at once. You can send the letters to candidates who acknowledge their decision to join digitally. It is a quick and straightforward process, and it saves your time, and you can focus on other vital business activities. 

  • Digital Ease of Documentation 

After sending the offer letter to candidates, companies require their identity, educational, and other credentials to verify. Following each step frequently for multiple candidates becomes a time-consuming and tedious process. However, sending the documents via Repute’s SmartOnboarding app is much simpler. Depending on the requirements of companies, candidates can scan and share their documents through Digilocker or by manual document upload. The app automatically verifies all Identity documents instantly. The HR department can review in just a few clicks at their level of convenience.    

  • Lower Risk of Candidates’ Absconding

When companies take more than usual to proceed with the onboarding process, they are more likely to grab other better opportunities. A candidate is not supposed to accept job offers from multiple companies. To mitigate the cases of moonlighting and ghosting, Repute’s blockchain network helps you. Connecting thousands of companies in a single platform, Repute’s blockchain technology enables quick identification of the candidates’ multiple employment practices, if involved. With a SmartOnboard platform, you can assure that the applicant joins your organization followed by accepting the offer letter. 

  • Hassle-free Employment Verification

With the SmartOnboard platform, the background verification is done efficiently with lower hassles. Usually, the employers connect with candidates over call or mail to know their working experience and document verification. This process takes up a lot of time. With Repute’s SmartOnboarding process, you can instantly verify all the details and previous employment history, avoiding prolonged waiting hours. This platform enables verification from trusted sources. Manual verification of the documents results in delayed hiring, while Repute’s SmartOnboard eliminates such delaying and the scope of fraudulent activities.  

Summing Up 

To help you conduct a smooth and professional onboarding process, Repute Talent Market Network is a one-stop solution. The expert professionals of Repute help you integrate your system with their SmartOnboard platform. The smart software assists companies in providing you with conducting a swift onboarding process. With cuttingadge blockchain technology, it becomes easy for you to gather and validate information quickly. Repute’s Talent Market Network helps you make well-informed decisions for hiring the best talent in your organization. Indulging in trustfree collaboration with Repute, the recruiting staff saves a lot of time, ensuring higher productivity and growth of an organization. The data of candidates are safe and secure throughout the verification and identification process. SmartOnboard platform reduces the errors in BGV and keeps the process seamless.  

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