If you are an aspiring writer, you must have researched a lot about the publishing processes on the internet. You take the final call on how you want to go from manuscript to print. There are two conventions in publishing- traditional and self publishing.  

Your decision will entirely depend on what kind of author you are. But, before anything, you must know the pros and cons of self publishing and traditional publishing. This post will provide you with all the about both the processes and which one is best for you.  

  1. Upfront Costs– In the traditional publication, the author bears no upfront costs. The publisher secures the rights of the work by giving a sum to the author. This amount can vary according to the demand of the author. Popular authors sell their publishing writes for thousands of dollars. But for this, you have to be a well-known author. A newcomer in this industry will not enjoy these benefits. In this process, the publishing company will bear all production costs for your book. They will deal with the book printing companies, and do the cover designing and distribution work. When you opt for self publishing, you have to pay for the entire printing and publication. 
  2. Publishing Time– In the traditional way, the time for publishing takes way too long. The reason is perhaps the involvement of several decision makers at every step of the production. Publishers have other books to work on, and they decide which book will get the earlier release. Usually, a new writer’s publication gets the least priority. In the self publication, you have total creative control, from designing to printing. You get to choose the book printing companies and complete your work as early as you want. You can make all decisions yourself without delaying the process. So, in this area self publication gives your more freedom and creative control over your books.  
  3. Publishing Rights– You get marketing and distribution support from traditional publications. But the publishers have the rights to your book. But with the self publication, you have all publication rights reserved for yourself. So, as an independent author, you can enjoy a major share of royalty.  
  4. Awards– One advantage of the traditional publication is that you have a better chance to get a literary award. The big names in the publishing industry have the connections and resources to introduce their authors to the award committee. If you are an independent writer, you might be a little behind. But a good piece of literary work will definitely get the attention it deserves.  


If you’re still uncertain which publishing convention is right for you, go ahead with self publishing. You will discover a great deal regarding publishing. industry and your own writing. There is a lot to know about the publishing business, the knowledge will be beneficial in the long run. 

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