Gramhir is an Instagram analyzer that allows users to analyze public Instagram profiles and trends. It calculates accurate statistics for targeted accounts, saving you hours of manual data entry. Gramhir also provides a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram and lets you browse public Instagram stories and photos. You can also download Instagram content to analyze further.


Instagram is a social media platform that has grown tremendously in popularity. As a user, you may want to know how successful your account is and how to improve it. You can do this manually or use third-party apps to obtain the statistics of your account in seconds. The best app to use is Gramhir, an Instagram analytics app.

The first advantage of Gramhir is that it gives you more control over your Instagram account. It lets you view your Instagram feed in either a chronological or grid format. This makes it easier to track your posts over time. It also offers a built-in search function so you can find posts with certain keywords.

Once you have installed the Gramhir browser extension, you can start saving Instagram images. You can save up to 3 pictures or videos at a time. Once you’ve done this, you can view them in the Gramhir website. You can even download them for later use. You can also use them to post on other websites.

Another benefit of Gramhir is that it connects you with other users who have similar interests. This gives you an opportunity to follow them, exchange contact information, or even meet in person. Gramhir is a very simple application to use and can help you build your Instagram presence quickly and efficiently. This app is perfect for those who don’t have the time to spend manually managing their accounts.

Gramhir also has an Instagram analyzer tool that will let you know about the statistics of other accounts. You can view how many likes and comments a post has received, and how many followers it has received. The app uses an algorithm that helps it track various Instagram accounts. In addition, it provides a rate for each account to show how popular it is.


Metricool is an affordable social media management software that integrates traditional social media features and expands into paid advertising. It is proactive in introducing new features and has recently introduced a new Link In Bio tool. The only major downside to Metricool is that it has limited social inbox functionality compared to other social media managers like Agorapulse, but Metricool plans to enhance its social inbox in the near future.

Another great feature of Gramhir is that it doesn’t require user names and passwords, which makes it convenient for business users. It works with all social media accounts and does not require third party accounts or privacy concerns. You can add up to 100 competitors and analyse their data with Metricool. You can view a variety of analytics for each competitor and gain insight into their marketing campaigns.

Another feature is the ability to customize reports and data. You can view performance data on published campaigns and also research keywords for new campaigns. This feature is common among social media analytics tools and helps you make the right decision on which keywords to use. Metricool even provides recommendations for the best time to schedule posts. Furthermore, the program supports hashtag tracking and emojis in posts. It also has a one-click Facebook promotion feature.

In addition to monitoring social media metrics, Metricool helps you create and manage digital content. The software gives you everything you need to launch your digital strategy in one place. It also provides services to analyze competitors, create advertising platforms, and monitor website performance. It also helps you discover what pages have the most engagement and success. This way, you can improve your content, attract more customers, and increase traffic to your website.


Storiesig is a simple web page that lets you watch public accounts. It does not analyze data from users, but allows you to download all of the visible content. It does not allow users to post or comment. It is free and it does not require registration. Users can browse profiles without creating an account.


Gramhir is an Instagram follower application that helps you get real followers and engagement. It has a simple interface, and helps you create content that is timely and relevant to your followers. It also offers premium features like hashtags and user location targeting. If you are having problems getting followers, you can use Gramhir as a free trial.

Gramhir provides instant stats that show you the health of your account. You can see good and bad posts at a glance. Gramhir’s features are completely free, and its service is well worth the try. It is safe and reliable. Unlike other Instagram trackers, it won’t eat up your time or money.

Gramhir is easy to use and provides a single dashboard to manage all of your Instagram accounts. It also offers several features that make managing multiple accounts easier. For example, you can switch between accounts with a single click. Another great feature is the ability to edit posts from previous dates. There’s also a scheduler to help you plan ahead.

The number of Instagram likes is a key metric to monitor. Increasing this number will boost your brand’s visibility. Increasing followers will also increase your visibility within the community. Gramhir’s simple interface provides detailed stats and a download option. This tool will make it easier to monitor your Instagram following and engage with your followers.

Gramhir also provides analytics and recommendations for your posts. It analyzes data from all the accounts in your account to predict the number of likes, comments, and followers your next post will receive. It also helps you set goals for your account and encourage you to post more often.

Insta DP

If you’re looking for a free Instagram analytics tool, consider Gramhir. This Instagram analytics tool is similar to Instagram, but it doesn’t require you to register. It gives you a summary of your account’s metrics. This tool is especially useful if you want to see how popular other accounts are. It shows you how many likes and views an account is likely to receive based on the content it shows you.

The app is compatible with all the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram. It supports Instagram’s stories, which are 15 seconds long and are designed to capture the attention of the viewer. These stories expire after 24 hours, but can be saved. The app is similar to Picuki, except that it lets you save an Instagram story.

The program works by analyzing your Instagram posts and is free to download. It lets you browse public and private accounts and view their stories, posts, and location tags. You can also zoom in on Instagram photos and stories to get a closer look. It also has the ability to download Instagram stories to your computer. With these features, you can create collections of posts you like.

InstaDP enlarges Instagram profile pictures without affecting the quality. Within seconds, the app will show you suggestions for your profile picture. You can then view the full-sized version and decide if it’s the one you want. Additionally, the app can download private Instagram content. It is free and anonymous, so you can be sure that your information is safe.

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