The Internet has completely revolutionised the world. The most popular content captivated online is visual content. Many individuals would rather watch videos than reading lengthy articles. Snippets of the videos appearing on Google are the best approach for surpassing the competition if the website contains videos. Many businesses are unaware of the advantages of Schema Markup. The most effective way to help the search engine comprehend what the website owner is presenting online is to employ the on-page schema markup.

Video schema markup can provide the search engines with more details about the content on a website that contains an embedded video. 


What are Schema Markups?

Structured data is a piece of code explicitly created to aid the search engines in comprehending the structure and the content of your pages. The search engines use this data to return more information to searchers. The SERP-rich snippets for links are also generated by Google. It is done using the same code. One should have a dictionary of the structured data types that search engines like Google can recognize before implementing the code on the web page. This is where plays a role. Schema Markup is developed to create, maintain and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet. The simplest and most effective method is using Javascript code to create a schema markup on your page.


The importance of Schema Markup

Crawlers, aka spiders of search engines, are very good at understanding the traditional text-based content on a particular website. Crawlers struggle with figuring out media elements like video. The crawlers know there is a video but are unsure what it is about. They are also unaware of its relevance. The Schema Markups are meant to provide those crawlers with the additional information they are missing. It also increases your presence along the journey.

The schema markups allow you to express a wide range of details. Some of the aspects are the URL’s thumbnail, the video’s duration, the title, and various other information.


Benefits of Video Schema Markup

People worldwide choose Google search as the primary basis to search and watch videos. Google also makes an effort to grasp the characteristics of the video automatically. One may also provide a description, thumbnail URL, upload date and duration by marking the video. 

Following are some of the benefits of using Schema markup-

  1. Google comprehends it way better than the plain text.

Google crawlers will have an easy time understanding the web page’s content if you employ markup language. If one puts in relevant words on Youtube, it will be simpler for Youtube to classify your content.


  1. When one incorporates video on a website, he is likely to reach the SERP more quickly.

It takes much longer for Youtube to show up in Google SERP. However, one can also hasten the procedure by indexing a video in the blog article.


  1. You earn two rankings with the video.

If the video is embedded in the blog post and the video in the video carousel, it will allow one to rank twice on Google.


One can follow the below steps for getting videos on Google with Schema Markup-


How does one add the video object Schema Markup?

Step 1

One should create a new Schema Markup by going to the Schema option.

Step 2

Select the type of Schema as ‘Video Object’.

Step 3

The website owner should select the pages/posts to which he wants to apply this markup. He can also add display rules and exclude pages and posts from which he wants to exempt this Schema.

Step 4  

Then, he can complete the setup. He will then be taken to fill the required properties of the Schema.

Step 5

In the schema settings, he will stumble upon various fields related to the video object schema. These fields will help you enter details about your video. It is essential to ensure all the schema fields are filled in with correct values.

 There are various fields to understand all available fields in the video object schema markup. 

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Below are the fields that ensure the maximum utilization of the SEO benefits of the Schema Markup-

  1. Video title

It is counted as the title of the video. It is the most prominent thing seen in the rich snippets.


  1. Video description

A video description is a short description of the video, and one can select the source from which they want this description to be fetched.


  1. Video thumbnail

One can select a particular image or design a thumbnail image one wish to display on the search engine.


  1. Publisher name

It is the name where the video is hosted.


  1. Publisher logo

It is the logo the publisher uses to associate with all the videos.


Configure Schema on a single post

 Once the schema fields are filled, the values will be applied to all the target locations. These values are typical for the target locations. One stumbles upon some of the fields marked in red; these are the fields in the Schema that should not be skipped. If these fields are skipped, it will add invalid schema markup to the code. 


How does video Schema Markup make a difference?

Without schema markup, the search engines might only know about the title, description and the thumbnail of the video. With schema markup, one can be more thorough when they are telling search engines about the content on the web page that contains a video. They can also tell those engines about the duration of the video, who made the video, who starred it and who is the copyright holder. 


Below is the list of all the parameters one can use with the video schema markup-

  1. Name

The name is the title for the video.  

  1. Description

One should write a description of around 160 characters. It should be kept short and crisp.

  1. Thumbnail URL

One should pick up the thumbnail very carefully. One can also create a thumbnail specifically for the video and use the URL.

  1. Duration

The duration of the video you want to put up should not be too much. The video should not be lengthy. Some people might decide to go for a long video while some people might decide to go for a long one. 

  1. Transcript

Using the transcript can also give further details without having to worry about the character limits. One should take time to add the description. 

  1. ContentURL

This is the URL to the actual video file.

  1. EmbedURL

It is the URL that points to where the video is hosted. It also helps the search engine in finding it faster. 

  1. Upload date

It is the date when the video was first published.

  1. Expires

One should also set the date for when the video will no longer be available. 

 Following are the things one needs to take into consideration if he wants the things to go as smoothly as possible-

  1. One should make sure that the video schema markup is visible even without executing Javascript. One should use only a text-only browser to test this.
  2. A phrase should be used throughout the video markup.
  3. This phrase should be used in the title, description, the video page and in the transcription. These precautions will ensure that the video finds the intended audience easily.


Why should one use Video Schema?

 There are several benefits of using video schema markup. Standing out in search results with content gives search engines all the information they need to display what the video is about. 

Video schema markup is useful for the target audience. The audience can learn many details about the video before even clicking on the link. It helps many people make their decision about whether that specific content is what they are searching for.

Schema Markup is extremely crucial for your SEO. It works with the site pages and multiple videos. 


Now is the moment to start using video schema markup, if you haven’t already.

It ensures that your video material is properly seen in search results (search engine results pages). Your videos are optimised, increasing the likelihood that viewers will click on your content. You’ll observe the beneficial SEO outcomes for your videos as you put it into practice.


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