Canadian sports media is about to get a major shake-up. In a groundbreaking new deal, mobile gaming and media giant TheScore has announced the acquisition of theScore Media Inc. for a whopping $1 billion. This business move could have far-reaching implications in terms of how Canadians consume and engage with sports media—but what exactly does this mean? In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at TheScore’s massive deal, its potential impacts on Canadian sports media, and what it could mean for fans going forward.

TheScore’s $1B Deal

In 2015, TheScore Inc. announced a deal with the National Football League (NFL) that would allow the company to live-stream NFL games on its mobile app. The deal was reportedly worth $1 billion.

This was a landmark deal for TheScore, as it marked the first time that the NFL had allowed any company to live-stream its games. The deal also made TheScore one of the only companies in the world with the rights to live-stream all four major North American professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL).

TheScore’s $1 billion deal with the NFL could potentially change Canadian sports media forever. For one, it gives TheScore a major leg up on its competitors when it comes to live-streaming sports. But more importantly, it could signal a shift in how professional sports leagues approach digital media rights in general.

Currently, most professional sports leagues sell their digital media rights to traditional broadcasters like Rogers and Bell in Canada. These broadcasters then charge consumers for access to their content through cable or satellite TV packages. However, with TheScore now having the ability to reach millions of fans directly through its app, there is potential for other digital companies to follow suit and cut out the middleman entirely.

If this happens, it could lead to a major shakeup in how Canadians consume sports media. It could also lead to lower prices for consumers, as digital companies will likely be able to offer cheaper streaming plans than

How the Deal Could Change Canadian Sports Media

TheScore’s deal with Bell could change Canadian sports media forever. If the deal goes through, TheScore would become the first digital-only media company in Canada to be worth more than $1 billion. This would give them a lot of power and influence in the industry.

right now, most sports media companies in Canada are owned by traditional media conglomerates like Bell, Rogers or Shaw. These companies own both traditional and digital properties, so they have a lot of clout. But if TheScore is successful in this deal, it would show that digital-only media companies can be just as valuable as their traditional counterparts.

This could lead to other digital-only media companies being created or bought up by traditional media conglomerates. It could also lead to more investment in digital sports media overall. Either way, it would be a huge shakeup for the industry and could change the way we consume sports news and information forever.

What TheScore Plans to do with the Money

In 2015, theScore raised $30 million in Series B funding led by Rogers Communications. The company plans to use the new funds to continue building out its technology and content team, as well as expanding its product offerings and business partnerships.

TheScore has been one of the most successful digital media companies in Canada, with a loyal following of sports fans who turn to the app for real-time scores, news, and stats. The company has plans to launch a beta version of its new app, theScore Bet, in early 2019. With the new app, users will be able to place bets on live sporting events directly through the app.

TheScore’s partners include some of the biggest names in Canadian sports media, such as TSN and Sportsnet. The company is also partnered with many of the major North American professional leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

With its new round of funding, theScore plans to solidify its position as a leader in Canadian sports media by continuing to invest in innovative products and partnerships.

How Other Sports Media Outlets are Reacting

In the wake of TheScore’s $B deal with Rogers, other sports media outlets are taking a close look at their own operations. Some, like TSN and Sportsnet, are already well-established names in the Canadian sports media landscape. Others, like The Athletic and VICE Sports, are relative newcomers.

All of them are wondering how TheScore’s deal will change the landscape forever.

TSN and Sportsnet are owned by Bell and Rogers, respectively. They are the two largest media companies in Canada. TSN is the most-watched English-language sports channel in the country. It has been in operation for over 25 years. Sportsnet is a close second. It was launched in 1998.

Both channels have extensive rights deals with major league sports properties in Canada: the NHL, MLB, NBA, and MLS. They also air games from some of the biggest leagues in Europe: the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and Bundesliga.

TheScore does not have any major league rights deals. It relies on highlights and live scoring updates to drive its app and website traffic.

The Athletic is a digital-only publication that covers a wide variety of sports. It was founded in 2016 by a group of former ESPN journalists. The Athletic’s subscription model allows it to avoid relying on ad revenue.

VICE Sports is another digital-only outlet that focuses on longform journalism and video storytelling. It was launched as an offshoot of


TheScore’s $1B deal could have a profound impact on Canadian sports media, in terms of both the content and technology produced by this iconic digital media brand. With their dedicated mobile app and streaming services, TheScore has the potential to revolutionize how Canadians consume live sporting events and bring even more opportunities for advertisers to reach fans around the country. By connecting with audiences through social media and creating engaging content that resonates with viewers, TheScore is well-positioned to continue leading Canada’s sports media landscape into the future.

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