The Art of Sake

Japan’s cultural gift to the world, sake, is a rice wine brewed by fermenting rice. The best sake brand in Singapore has a unique flavor and mouthfeel, depending on where it was brewed and what ingredients were added during the brewing process. Though most people drink sake to intoxicate themselves, there are different types of this drink with different flavors for various occasions and states of being.

Some Best Sake Brands in Singapore

Here are some of the best sake brands that should be your go-to when you need one:

1. Yamahai Junmai Sake (Kikusui)

It is your best bet if you’re looking for a cheap yet delicious brand of the most refined sake! The Yamahai Junmai Sake (Kikusui) comes from Chiba, Japan, and has an alcohol content level of 16.5%. Unfortunately, it also has a very high price tag, which is understandable given the natural beauty of the liquor. Made from pure water and rice, this sake contains only three ingredients: rice, koji, and yeast.

2. Kinji Sake

Cooked with natural spring water from the town of Nasu in Tochigi, this best sake brand in Singapore has a mild flavor that most people enjoy. It’s perfect for the hot summer months and an excellent choice for friends who aren’t big fans of alcohol. The Kinji Sake has an alcohol content level of 15% and is available in 750-ml bottles.

3. Wakatake Mikkaku Sake

A premium sake with an alcohol content level of 15%, this brand is made in Kyoto, Japan. It’s made with pure water from the Fukushima River and has an age range of 10 years. The Wakatake Mikkaku Sake particularly catches your attention due to its fantastic aroma.

4. Kinryu Shu Sake

Made in the town of Kinryu Shu in Saitama Prefecture, this best sake brand in singapore has a shallow alcohol content level of only one percent. As a result, it is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to drink too much, and it’s also a good pick for your friends whose alcohol tolerance is worse.

5. Ushitora Mugi

The Ushitora Mugi is another famous brand of sake due to its affordable pricing and the fact that it doesn’t contain added alcohol. It’s produced in Fukui, Japan, and has an alcohol content level of four percent. This sake is also one of the few available in a wide range of flavors, from dry to sweet.


Consider these five brands when shopping for the best sake brand in Singapore. They are reliable, affordable, and have good taste. You can also select these for gift-giving as they come with attractive gift packaging that will make you look like an authentic Japanese fan.

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