Craft supplies

Paper crafting is one of the good hobbies anyone could learn and do. The materials needed are so easy to find on stores so it’s not really that hard to find if you want to try out this hobby. Before starting your crafting journey, you’ll need some tools and supplies to make it easier to your paper craft projects. Here are the must-have crafting tools and supplies and why you’ll need them.

Paper Cutting Tools

Since you’ll be handling paper a lot, you need different kinds of paper cutting tools depending on what kind of cut you need to make. Basically, a few pairs of scissors are essential when crafting. Get scissors that make different kinds of cuts – regular straight scissors, micro tip scissors, pinking shears, and other more. It is also really useful to have a paper trimmer for creating precise straight cuts. Look for stainless steel crafting scissors and paper guillotine Australia has some few good shops you could check out.


Another essential supply for crafters is a bunch of markers. You can use this to create beautiful labels and even write on your craft in a stylish way. Aside from the regular colourful markers, it would also be great to have other marker types such as chalk markers. That way, you have several ways to write and in a beautiful way.

Paper Puncher

Aside from scissors and other cutting tools, it is also convenient to have a paper puncher on your stash. There are times when simple cutting with scissors is just inconvenient for the task especially if you need to make small holes on paper or cut tiny shapes for your craft. Paper punchers come in different shapes and sizes. Aside from the regular circle shape, you could also add other styles to your collection such as scalloped edge, rectangular, and many more.

Circle Cutter and a Mat

While you can always use your paper punchers to cut circles from the paper, you’ll need a circle cutter when cutting bigger circles for your project. To make cutting easier and to protect your desk as well, don’t forget to lay down a cutting mat on your working area.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a must-have decorating supply for almost every paper crafter. Washi tapes come in different colours, styles, and patterns making them a perfect decorative item for paper crafts. It can be used for labelling, edging, and many more ways. Because of its versatility, washi tapes are truly a must-have in a crafter’s arsenal.

Glue Gun

Lastly, you’ll need a tool you could use to stick the pieces of your craft together. While you could use a glue for sticking paper together, you’ll need a stronger adhesive when gluing other materials such as wood, beads, fabric, and other more. A glue gun is a perfect tool for this since it can be used on almost any kind of surface.

These are just some of the essential tools you’ll need as a crafter. You could even add more depending on which tools and supplies you find helpful and useful when doing your crafts.

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