Plastic crates

Crates, totes, bins, trays, baskets, and other secondary packaging containers are used for storage in residentials and business enterprises. With cardboard being the predominant choice. But since it can be readily destroyed throughout the order selecting and shipping process, crates made of plastic became the first choice. They are simple to store and may guarantee customers receive undamaged, high-quality items and prevent handling problems.

Plastic crates can carry heavier products

While cardboard may handle lesser loads, plastic is more durable and can support higher loads. In addition to being more resilient, plastic containers can withstand shocks, vibrations, and pressure while being chosen, packed, and carried in and out of storage.

If your business involves shipping and transporting heavy items, it’s time to look for a returnable plastic crate supplier. These plastic crates are a wise investment for you since they are robust and you would not have to buy frequently, lessening your operating costs.

Plastic crates could easily be stored and retrieved

Containers are frequently densely packed for storage on the warehouse floor in an automated storage and retrieval system. Due to the wide range in size and shape of cardboard boxes, it is common to end up with uneven loads or unexpected spills.

Contrarily, plastic boxes are available in regular sizes that enable secure stacking. Plus, they are less likely to bend and fold to avoid the products spilling over from the containers. And since they are sturdier than cardboard boxes, plastic crates are perfect to protect fragile items.

Plastic crates are sustainable

Although they are initially reasonably cheaper to buy, cardboard boxes do not survive very long. Because plastic crates may be reused numerous times—sometimes hundreds or thousands of times—waste is greatly reduced.

Not only are you saving money over time because you are not buying boxes every time, you are also saving money on waste management. You are also being sustainable and lessening the waste generated by your company to save the environment.

Plastic crates could easily be sanitized

Dust, filth, and spills can easily be removed from plastic storage containers. They could also be sanitized, which is advantageous when adhering to stringent health and safety regulations as compared to cardboard boxes that is more difficult to sanitize since they could not be wet. Otherwise, they would be deformed.

Plastic crates could withstand environmental factors

Containers made of cardboard are more prone to warping or degrading than those made of plastic, which can tolerate damp and harsh conditions without losing structural integrity. This characteristic of plastic crates is important for hot and humid or extremely cold storage facilities. Plastic crates are no fuss and could be stored anywhere, anytime, without having the need to always consider the temperature or the surroundings.

Plastic crates are the greatest option for your products’ storage and transporting needs because of their consistent size, robustness, and stability. They also work best with the AS/RS and high-speed conveyor system if this is the existing system that you already have in your storage facility and warehouse.

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